Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's in the genes!

So have you missed me? Well, I've been at the races!

I have to admit that I love the thrill of being a winner, but I don't understand this passion guys have with racing cars. Ever since cars were created they were raced. Watching fast cars go round and round equates to counting sheep to me. So what is the attraction? Maybe it's the feelings of liberation, speed, power, control, excitement, etc...and even danger. Or perhaps it is a way of testing one's limits and skills while at the same time going head to head with other contestants, all wanting to achieve the glory of being the first to cross the finish line.

Now, I am going to tell you my theory: It is a gene that they are born with... Have you ever noticed that every little boy, even before they can talk, can purse their lips together and mimic the engine sound of a souped-up race car? They are doomed from the start!

When I met four year old Gabriel for the first time he had a toy Ferrari under his arm and greeted me with, "I am pleased to meet you and this car is just like the one my Daddy drives." Hmmm, seems like my theory is true and it transcends generations. Way before this little guy will be driving, he is engulfed in the "racing culture."

Murals & Design was commissioned to do this race car mural by Frost Interiors. We first painted the base color a warm gold with tan undertones. Gabriel's Daddy was very specific in the details he wanted in the paintings. On either side of the windows we recreated two, 2x3 foot vintage race posters. Over the Pitt Stop, (bathroom door) we painted a vintage Ferrari, the famous checkered flags, and of course made the room special by adding Gabriel's name. The 6x14 foot track scene was painted high on the wall so the bed could be placed under it.

When the room was finished both the designer and clients were happy, so, yes, it does feel good to be a winner!

I do love the contrast of black and white like the checkered flags and I do like fast red even though I was not born with the gene, I think I could learn to enjoy racing!


That's all for now but as always...

Have a colorful day!

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