Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"I wanna be like you Dad..."

We did all that we were trained to do to make sure this little guy was asleep for his newborn photo shoot, but he was extremely alert for his mere days in this world. With a mind of his own he resisted all our tricks so we just let him run the show!

I must say that we were very pleased that Lucas decided to be awake for the shoot because we were able to create an image that evokes emotion to the viewer. There is something about a big strong man that rescues, saves and puts his own life on the line for others while cradling a new and helpless life in his arms, his own son.

At the moment when their eyes locked, that Daddy and fireman knew he was in for the biggest assignment of his life!

That's all for now but as always...

Have a colorful day!

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