Monday, December 7, 2009

Welcome KL WiLLiAMS photography and thanks Baleigh!

Our life has had the accompaniment of "shutter click" background music for many years now, but how did the melody begin?

Let's see, I remember catching the interest of a guy in 1978, who more often than not, gazed at me through the lens of his camera. And then it was our wedding photos, which was a poor capture of our special day by a wonderful photographer, who sent his assistant... At this point Kevin said, "I can do better than this!" Next was the part time job with a local studio and then photographer and writer for the Alexandria Daily Town Talk Newspaper. Kevin spent several years reading, studying and working with some great photographers in his free time, soaking up everything he could from them. He is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and Texas Professional Photographers. In September, he passed the Certified Professional Photographers written test with a high score. He will very soon be submitting the required "prints" to be judged by the PPA National Review Board to complete the process of becoming a Certified Professional Photographer. Still to this day I am amazed how his mind is a sponge when it comes to photography! I have come to realize that creating breathtaking, timeless images is his passion and his camera is like an appendage; you know like an arm or a leg needed for existence. In other words, it's part of the DNA of Kevin Lee Williams. I guess it is obvious that I am very proud of him... I too was born with the creative gene, which makes us a good team. I like Kevin also have a desire to get on the "working end" of the lens. The camera not being a natural "appendage" of mine, and me not being as technically minded, (come on now, give me a break, I'm a blond artist) it will take me more time and patience, but that is another story...

I said all this to let everyone know, as of yesterday, Murals & Design has welcomed KL WiLLiAMS Photography as a partner and subsidiary. This gathering will compliment
Murals & Design very well in offering our clients a little something special; a new way to decorate your walls with something more than just paint and tapestries.

New beginnings bring new equipment, new investments, new obligations and new structure. We both have learned the hard way that anything "given away" is typically not perceived as valuable. As this is in life, the same is true in business. So beloved as we walk down the path of life, (sounds like a wedding, huh?!) KL WiLLiAMS photography wants to be a part. For those clients who seek to use our talents and services, they will be making an "investment" in personal art, where they will be the "Stars!" Our goal is not to be a high volume studio. Our desire is to take the time to create unique images and equally unique experiences for each of our clients
; a memory, a timeless slice of your life forever recorded, special to you in every way... This is the same kind of service you have grown to enjoy from Murals & Design.

Our new equipment had its debut with a beautiful and bright 13 year old named Baleigh. It was refreshing to work with a teen who was so mannerly and responsive. Her ability to follow Kevin's direction and change her expression was remarkable for a young lady at a typically awkward stage in life. I told her she could quit school and be a model! Just kidding mom! You have to admit it though, she does have the look.

Our thanks to Baleigh, who helped make our day of new beginnings a beautiful and memorable one. (Stay in school kiddo and model for us every chance you get!)

That's all for now but as always...

Have a colorful day!

Murals & Design
Trudy 972-814-5856

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