Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One Year Old Little Jaydn...

This is the finished image of a darling little girl, "Jadyn." She is just about a year old here and I have to say, there may not be a more pleasant baby on this earth to work with. Trust me when I say she made this easy to produce and was a joy till we called it "a wrap."

We did this formal series and a full Signature collection of "smash the cake" images. What a blast she had and memories to last forever; and she will have fabulous pictures to prove it.

We have more to share as extra time allows us to process and publish.

That's all for now but as always...

Have a colorful day!

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  1. That was a fun day! She did do great. I can't believe she is now 15 months old. You and Kevin are incredible! Although Jadyn is a so pleasant and beautiful, she is, yet, still a child. You guys are so patient and talented.


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