Thursday, January 7, 2010

God's Dressing Room

This was written in April and we decided not to post until after the wedding...

Saturday's photo shoot began in God's dressing room, aka the parking lot of the Dallas Arboretum. Park rules state that you cannot change clothes in the public restroom. When you have a dress so full of tulle and ruffles that it makes it a traffic hazard to wear in the car, you have no choice but to utilize the "great outdoors." This bride was a real Cinderella. She was shivering cold in the morning and I noticed some sun burn on her shoulders in the late afternoon. Even after fighting the elements and walking around the 66 acre park carrying a dress that probably weighed more than she did, her countenance didn't waver. Well, maybe once or twice when a bug got on her! She even had enough stamina to re-dress that evening for more time on the other side of the lens. I think "Miss Bride" could have gone on forever posing for pictures in the true form of a fairy tale princess, but it was her "court" that was wilting! We attribute the success of this longer than normal photo session to "Miss Brides" mother who was her main attendant all day (and evening). She was well organized and pulled a suitcase of full of all the things that every princess would need for her day with the photographer.

I even took some time away from holding reflectors and pulling a wagon full of equipment to take a few photos myself. I want to share them with you so badly but I will have to be patient for a long time! She is not getting married until December. We would have to make sure that the groom was not lurking around my blog to somehow catch a glimpse of his future bride. Now that would be too big of a chance to take. The shots the we did in the evening were done as a surprise for him; very unique and different! It's so cool, but you will have to wait too!

That's all for now but as always...Have a colorful day!

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